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Lite and Fit

Let us create delicious meals to continue your journey to better health!

Our cuisine focuses on clean eating and all natural energy.

We want our food to be a part of your healthy lifestyle!

Choose from our Lite and Fit Cuisine, Paleo Meals, Skinny Snack Packs, or Power Bites.

Lauren's Obsession

"Football Parties around here are never boring! The guys can never get enough of the Spinach and Sundried Tomato Burgers, and can't believe they're healty too."

Nicole's Current Love


  ​Portobello Bakes!!!

The Caprese on a bed of greens is a great lunch on the go that doesn't skimp on the flavor! And....its under 300 calories!

​Skinny Snack Packs

​Mix and match your favorite Power Bites, and healthy snacks for pre-packed, perfect portions to fit into your busy lifestyle.

Current snacks include:

-Edamame Succotash

-Carb Free Zucchini Hummus

-Fresh Fruit Crisps with Nuts and Oats

-Raw Mango & Blueberry Pie

Pinzi Chicken- Balsamic Chicken with fresh Tomato Bruschetta over baby Arugula

​Pesto Crusted Pork Loin- Simply amazing.

​Portabello Mushroom Bakes -All of your favorite flavors of pizza without carbs!
     -Veg Pizza bakes have Cheese, Marinara sauce and your favorite veggies.
     -Caprese is topped with Pesto, Provolone and diced tomatoes. YUM!!
     -Meat lovers -add Pepperoni, Ham, Sausage. Never feel guilty again!!!!

Quinoa Wild Mushroom Pilaf- Protein packed with healthy grains and veggies

Spinach and Sundried Tomato Burgers - An amazing take on a favorite! Our use of juicy spinach and tomatoes allow the use of lean ground beef without compromising any taste. You will crave these!

​Thai Summer Rolls- Your choice of Peanut Chicken, Crabstick or Shrimp, always mixed with Ginger dressing, Avocado and Broccoli slaw. Served with Sweet Chili.

Raw Wraps- Marinated Portabello mushroom strips, Avocado, Purple cabbage and other seasonal veggies in a Lettuce, Collard Green or Cabbage wrap.

Power Bites​

Post workout nutrition using thoughtfull combinations of healthy favorites. Feed your body and your sweet tooth without the guilt!

Our Power Bites are a great combination utilizing dried fruits, nuts and seeds designed to bring sustained energy to your day. Choose from our tried and true favorites, or work with us to design your own custom blend.

Some varieties available include:

Coconut Cashew and Apricot

Double Chocolate Brownie

Pineapple Colada

Oatmeal Sesame Raisin

Chocolate Chip Cookie

TRY OUR NEWEST: The Fall inspired blend of Figs, Cranberries and Walnuts.

​Lite and Fit Meals

Our Lite and Fit meals are pre-portioned into appropriate sizes determined by your needs and goals. Many meals are low Carb and low Fat and utilize lean Proteins. Some of our popular meal choices include:

Paleo Meals

-Ginger Lime Shrimp          

-Coconut Curry Chicken     

-Chimichurri Skirt Steak  

-Caveman's Shephards Pie   

-Portabello Bakes   

-Teryaki Turkey Burgers

- Beef and Butternut Tangine

                      And so much more!!!

A cuisine that focuses on a high consumption of Protein, like Beef, Chicken and plenty of Eggs, lots of vegetables, especially delicious root veggies, plenty of nuts and some fruits. Absolute avoidance of wheat, grains and processed food is the key here. The Paleo Diet has become much more than a way of eating, for many it is a fabulous lifestyle. An amazing way to showcase our favorite ingredients like Avocados, Butternut Squash, Kale, Portabellos and healthy Coconut Oil! Yummy!


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